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Homestay is where you get to stay with families, in their homes, and experience the joy and richness of other cultures and customs different from your own. Homestay is for students who stay for short or long period. Homestay is a great personal experience and richly rewarding. You can make instant friends for life. HOMESTAY WORLDWIDE IS AN AGENCY SPECIALISING IN ACCOMMODATION WITH HOSTFAMILIES.

Some homestay guests choose just to stay in a Homestay situation until they feel comfortable and acclimatise to the new country they are experiencing. Many concerned parents prefer their children to be looked after by a homestay family when beginning a new life in a foreign country. Homestay is the greatest experience you can ever have if you travel. You make instant family and friends that you will probably have forever. You will play a great part in global understanding and respect for other cultures and views. You will find yourself a member of a wonderful global family when you choose HOMESTAY with HOMESTAY WORLDWIDE. Either as a host family, or a traveller, you must experience homestay...and Australia...there is no other country to compare! Australians are the friendliest, most welcoming people you will ever meet.